We thought we would include a section on some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked during our quotes or when we are advising people. This is perfectly expected but we do hear the same questions fairly often so here’s some of the shorter answers, of course please free to contact us at anytime at all to discuss anything that you are not sure about or if you are considering another builder for whatever reason, we’d always like to help and give the best advice we can even if you decide to take another quote for whatever reason. We live by the rule that good work wins work, the majority of our jobs have come from recommendations from previous customers who then told their friends and family, we hope that once you realise that other firms can probably do a good job they will never match how friendly our team is or how much passion we put into making the work we do for you perfect each and every time.

I’m thinking of doing some of the work myself – maybe the plastering, is this ok?

If you are competent at doing something then we’d never discourage you from doing work to your own property (unless it against the law or you could cause injury or other problems), if you are confident that you can do something then speak to us first.

If you are thinking of doing the plastering yourself then its worth bearing in mind that the skim plaster really needs to be a great finish because this is the wall that you will be looking at for the rest of the life of the work. Same is true of the backing plaster, the background surface and the suction and also the key type of the surface need to be considered before undertaking the work. You have to not only select the right type of plaster but also prepare the background you will be plastering to before you proceed. If you know all of this and you are still confident that you can competently carry out the work then of course it’s no problem. Please bear in mind however that we cannot guarantee any work that you yourself carry out we can only every put a guarantee to the work and parts that we do ourselves. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we are very skilled at what we do and we always produce a fantastic finish, if you have any doubts about being to meet the same quality of work then we’d be happy to undertake the work on your behalf.

How much do you charge?

Each job varies, we charge very competitive rates but our rate vary depending upon the job that we are undertaking. Please give us a call to find out more.

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