The UK is still in need of an increase in the number of houses to be built beyond the year 2016. It was the 2007 when the labour government set up a target of homes built every year to prevent the shortage of houses in the country. Which was targeted to be finished in 2016, but now it seems to be impossible to finish until now. We share as the same vision of the UK government.

Many people have done well out of owning their homes, albeit many others have been priced out of the market. The country is now won and lost, not that the top % rich people will suffer but from the used land of UK. While most are now struggling to get onto the property ladder, at the same time, we pray for our independence and freedom by owning our own homes but this really seems to beyond the grasp of the average person / couple looking for their first time home.

How the UK plans to improve housing construction we don’t know that for sure but the we can help start by just doing what we can. We build. But we can’t build new properties without land. A beaver cannot build dams without the river. We also need a powerful set of goals for building new houses. The most expensive built houses in Europe are often poorly planned. We are not only interested in winning plan, but should improve design also.

We show intelligence and invention we try to empower build by the innovation. You may hear a proposal of shared community, but our communities are not just buildings units and putting them up together. We are here together to build a new UK.

We just need your help we need to completely trust us to solve it. One helping hand is good have two, that’s great now add more and the work will be done.

This is just our view and yours may differ, we are your local Wirral builders and we are here to help.