Add an extension and value to your home while creating the house you always wanted to live in. Why move out when you can extend what you already have? By adding something as simple as a single storey extension you can create a new space: a new kitchen, office, dining room, bedroom…let your own imagination decide.

We can help take care of the local Authority Planning Permission and Building Regulations on your behalf so you don’t even need to worry about that!

Why Build an Extension On My House?

The current situation in the housing market means that many people cannot move out so the obvious option is to extend your property instead. If you need more space then extend, don’t move. Add value to what you already have. Your local wirral builders Grand Designs Construction are here to help!

We are sure you can understand that building an extension is not for the faint hearted and it requires a good deal of planning before any physical works starts. From the design and planning stage, to materials and labour and quality checking. We will be glad to handle all of this for you to give you the home you always wanted without any the stress that has the potential to come with it.

The extension finances are an area where by a lot of people get it wrong, commonly underestimating enough time and money you require in order to complete the work. Proper planning is essential for a project to go smoothly. You should be realistic in your vision, we would all like a house the size of Buckingham Palace but if you don’t have the ground space or budget it’s unrealistic. Sometimes things happen that nobody can foresee, these emergencies don’t happen often but when they do you need to be prepared with a contingency fund to put things back on track again. It is also worth mentioning that a lot of people release equity to fund their project and it’s important that you bare this in mind after the build is complete. Some people believe they can do some of the work themselves but this goes against our quality assurances and we cannot guarantee any work undertaken unless we agree it with you beforehand.

We handle all trades under one roof and use only the best qualified and time served tradespeople. Experience has proven time and time again that this is the recipie for a stress free and successful project start to finish that delivers the highest quality finish. This approach has proven that a good building firm will always be in work through word of mouth recommendations and we stick to it.

Single Storey Extensions & Double Storey

We can build to any specification as long as you planning permission is approved for the project.


A well built conseravtory is a substantial improvement to any home that will not only increase the value of of your property but will also provide a great atmosphere to sit with your friends and family. A conservatory is an affordable and popular way to extend your living space.


Orangeries are a very popular way to extend your home right now. They are a mixture between an full brick extension and a conservatory and can be used throughout the year.

Complete Service Start to Finish

We have all the skills and experience required to get any project complete in timely fasion to a quality that you would expect. We can handle all stages from design, planning and carrying out the installation work.

Free and Friendly Consultation

We will visit you at your property to talk about what you would like to achieve and then together we can draw up a plan based upon what you would like and our advice. Following this we will aim to get you a quote for work within 7 working days, often it is sooner than this though.

Planning Permission Advice

Following our quoatation if you are happy to proceed with the work then our architects can draw up drafts and upon your approval are then submitted to the Local Authority for building regulations for their approval and planning permission to be given.

Undertaking the Project & Installation

Our builders are all time service and competent tradesmen and you can be confident that your extension will be built by a highly skilled workforce who work treat you and your property with respect.

Your Privacy & Home

You will most likely stay in your home during this time of disruption and we have an empathy for you in that you do not want our work to disrupt your daily live. We completely respect this and our team will endeavour to keep our presence to as little fuss as possible so as not to disturb your own personal space.